Poem by Luci Shaw: Speechless

Poem by Luci Shaw: Speechless
Speechless Poem

Ceramic Lilac Vase by Polly Castor


To plunge headlong into
the heart of a blossom, its amber eyes
inscrutably focusing on your own,
magnified by a lens of dew.
Whose scent, invisible,
drowns you in opulence, and for which

you can find nothing adequate to say.

Words stumble, cheapen, like when you try
and fail to describe to someone what
yesterday’s shadows looked like, racing
over the five layers of far hills, or how
the mountain stream muttered its way

between valley stones.

You sense that you are loved wholly,
yet are quite unable to understand why.
But then, you lift your face,
creased with the ordinary, to a heaven
that is breaking into blue,
and find your contentment utterly beyond

telling, unspeakable, uncontained.

Luci Shaw from her new collection Sea Glass


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  1. Fred Turpin 7 years ago

    I can’t figure out which I love more— the lovely vase you made or the magnificent arrangement of pink lilacs that perfectly flows down to accommodate the step down of the vase. It is all just perfect!

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