New York City Scenes

New York City Scenes

Head in the Marriot Lobby NYC

Back in March we were home very shortly between returning from Texas and heading to Sacramento. We spent that day in New York City because our niece from London was here stage-directing a play, and we had tickets to see it. The photos below chronicle scenes from that day in New York City.

We took the train in, and I loved the mid-morning long shadows in Grand Central. Walking west from Grand Central, we were very happy to see Fifth Church’s beautiful banner signage vibrantly declaring Christian Science. (Well done, that!) And having some time on our hands, we wandered to the NYC Library and did some window shopping before meeting up with our niece for lunch and the matinee of her play.

It was great to see her, especially since she usually is working in the theater scene in London. It was a special treat to see her in the states, and this was the first play of hers we’ve been able to see. The play –called Insignificance–was interesting, set in a hotel room, where Marilyn Monroe meets Einstein. Also in the play are Senator McCarthy and Marilyn’s husband, the baseball star Joe DiMaggio. We enjoyed it, and were glad to have been there. Unfortunately it is over now, or I’d be recommending you to see it.

After the play, we wandered back to the train, looking at spices and beads and bakeries. Since there is nowhere to sit in Grand Central, we waited for the train in the lobby of the Marriot, chatting, while eating iconic NYC black-and-white cookies, gazing at the colossus above, before catching our train back to Connecticut.

I enjoy photographing vignettes everywhere, as blog readers now know well, and NYC is rife with material. The photos in this post are tidbits that caught my eye, in line, angle, form and color. I see composition everywhere, and love to contemplate it anew. Enjoy!

IMG_0458    IMG_0468  IMG_0472      IMG_0483  IMG_0487  IMG_0491  IMG_0492    IMG_0497    IMG_0504  IMG_0509  IMG_0510  IMG_0511  IMG_0551  IMG_0550  IMG_0552  IMG_0561  IMG_0584  IMG_0590  IMG_0609  IMG_0613  IMG_0614 IMG_3415  IMG_0605 IMG_0603  IMG_0618  IMG_0619  IMG_0617  IMG_0616

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  1. Julie Yates 8 years ago

    The spices… oh what a store that must be… as usual, love your photography!


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