Pelican Photos

Pelican Photos

pelican photos

When in Florida last month, I got quite close to some pelicans. They are fascinating, even prehistoric looking.  

It was fun to watch them fish, dive-bombing into the water, and then surfacing with their wiggly catch.  Unfortunately, I never saw that sagging sack below their beak filled with fish, for that would be quite a classic photo. While I observed, they seemed to swallow each fish fully, and I surmised that maybe it wasn’t the season to be feeding babies. 

I would have liked to have seen more of these curious birds, but I was surprised at the variety among the ones I did see.

IMG_9301  IMG_9120vIMG_9766  IMG_9499  IMG_9114

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  1. Mary Jo Beebe 8 years ago

    Blue Beak and Yellow top are particularly well-feathered. Such splendid design!

  2. Heidi 8 years ago

    Adrian thoroughly enjoyed looking at these pictures! There’s a small pelican in his current favorite lighthouse book, so this blog post came at a perfect time to supplement! :)

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