Hike to Upper Yosemite Falls

Hike to Upper Yosemite Falls

Hike to Upper Yosemite Falls

As mentioned yesterday on my post about our hike to the Lower Yosemite Falls, this post is of our hike to the Upper Yosemite Falls. This hike couldn’t have been more different than the other, since that one was flat and easy, and this one was strenuous with a lot of elevation gain, straight up about 40 switchbacks from the valley floor. So all the height and perspective represented in these views were won by schlepping up a rocky trail of tiny steps, equivalent to 138 flights of stairs!

It was outstandingly gorgeous, and all the effort was fun and rewarding. Not only are there lots of photos of the falls shown below from different perspectives, but also the valley, Half Dome, trees growing right out of the rocky cliffside, the step-strewn trail, some rainbows, and of course my two wonderful hiking companions. The photographs below are shared in the order we hiked them: up and then back down the same path. You can see the trail on the map in the bottom photo; it’s the one with the squiggly lines.

An afternoon well spent and happiness all around!

IMG_0943  IMG_0951  IMG_1264  IMG_1440  IMG_1461  IMG_1471  IMG_1482  IMG_1487  IMG_3489 IMG_1489  IMG_1490  IMG_1502  IMG_1507  IMG_1511  IMG_1518  IMG_3500 IMG_1529  IMG_1532  IMG_1537  IMG_1564  IMG_1545  IMG_1550  IMG_1551  IMG_1549  IMG_1623  IMG_1568  IMG_1581  IMG_1573  IMG_1610  IMG_1627  IMG_1583  IMG_1635  IMG_1566  IMG_1632  IMG_1633  IMG_1582  IMG_1615  IMG_1636  IMG_1638  IMG_1639  IMG_1643  IMG_1646  IMG_1648  IMG_1653  IMG_1654  IMG_1656  IMG_1663  IMG_1664  IMG_1665  IMG_1666  IMG_1667  IMG_1668  IMG_1676

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