Recent Black and White Photographs

Recent Black and White Photographs


Taking and studying good black and white photographs is very constructive both to learn about composition and to better understand value relationships in a colorful world. For example red is so bright and eye catching but reads in a black and white as a mid range gray. Black and white photography is also a profound study in contrast between light sources and cast shadows. With the excitement of color drained from a scene, the relationship of shapes is more evident. I will continue to take black and white photographs as I not only like them in their own right, but I feel they make me both a better photographer and artist.

Here are the black and white photographs I have taken recently… I hope you enjoy them!

IMG_0950  IMG_4953  IMG_5776  IMG_1088    IMG_3626    IMG_5544  IMG_0863  IMG_4858  IMG_5389  IMG_1122 IMG_5774  IMG_5794  IMG_5029  black and white photographs by Polly Castor IMG_6016  IMG_1075  IMG_4848  IMG_0861  IMG_4404      IMG_5004  IMG_2816 IMG_1192  IMG_0911  IMG_4412  IMG_4596    IMG_1105  IMG_5549  IMG_6021  IMG_4985  IMG_5712  IMG_4956  IMG_1090  IMG_4787  IMG_3683  IMG_1079

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