Farmer’s Market Photos

Farmer’s Market Photos

Farmer's market photos

I love a Farmer’s Market. Not only do I love supporting local and sustainable agriculture on principle, this food tastes better and feels more real. It has not lived in plastic for some undiscernible amount of time, which I really appreciate! I also honor all the hard work that goes into growing this beautiful produce, especially since we grow our own and we know well the dedication that is involved.

But maybe more than anything, I love the people there, and the amazing opportunities for juxtaposing colors and shapes (and flavors!) in effortlessly inspired composition. I’ve taken my camera the last three Saturdays we have gone, and in this post, you can see the photos I have taken there. Other than buying for freezing some pent up summer sunshine to crack out mid-winter (see first photo below – a 38 pound box of bruised heirloom tomatoes for $20), our purchases are moderate like seen above. Still, I look forward to every time I’m able to be there.

Enjoy this feast for the eyes of Connecticut grown!

IMG_0943 IMG_2836    IMG_2726    IMG_2708  IMG_2731  IMG_0778  IMG_2723  IMG_2734  IMG_2724  IMG_2732  IMG_2727  IMG_2736  IMG_2851  IMG_2850  IMG_2841  IMG_2848  IMG_2839  IMG_2872  IMG_2874        IMG_2877    IMG_2838  IMG_0854  IMG_0915  IMG_2893  IMG_2894  IMG_2890  IMG_0917    IMG_3684 (1) IMG_3682  IMG_3681  IMG_2725  IMG_0926  IMG_0920  IMG_3694    IMG_3707  IMG_3708  IMG_3709  IMG_3710    IMG_3715

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