Our Homemade Fire Starters

Our Homemade Fire Starters

homemade fire starters, how to make fire starters

While we were finishing stuff up and racing around getting ready for this trip, my husband at my request, made us a batch of homemade fire starters. We are so grateful for them. They work great!

To make them, stuff a lot of dryer lint into cardboard egg cartons. Then melt some wax and pour the wax over the lint in the egg cartons. Once they cool cut them apart. 

I really recommend these to any camper. A neighbor in a campground used a whole container of nasty lighter fluid and couldn’t get their wet wood started. We offered them one of these single egg sized homemade fire starters, and they were good to go. They were amazed and thoroughly convinced. Leave the lighter fluid at home and make these instead. Also avoid smoky things like wadded up paper and pine needles!


























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  1. James 9 years ago

    Glad they work so well. It was fun making them.

  2. Linda Conner 9 years ago

    Love this! I am starting to save lint! We have a fire pit by the lake and often try to burn wet wood.
    Not sure where you got the wax – I’ll look around.
    So cool! Thank you!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 9 years ago

      The wax was just from the grocery store. Alternatively, you could start saving candle stubs.


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