Book Review: Without Reservations

Book Review: Without Reservations

Without Reservations book review

This book has been on my reading list for a long time. I dream of travel so I thought I’d enjoy a European travelogue memoir written by a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist during her year long sabbatical overseas. She went alone and had lots of precious time to meander and explore.

But honestly, it wasn’t that riveting. She meets people, sees things and muses a bit. I didn’t really see much personal growth on her part. I feel like I’m discovering more new inner vistas here in my third floor attic than she did on this pilgrimage to find herself. And I am reminded that whenever I do get the chance to go on a big trip not to burden it with expectations.

Today can be wonderful wherever you are. None of us have to be somewhere exotic to cross new thresholds, feel free to meet new people, or do new things. We are all free right now to live our lives to the fullest, and don’t need to wait until some trip to progress, relax, be creative, or inspired. This in some backwards way was encouraging.

I only give this book three stars. Given the title, I thought I was going on this virtual journey with a carefree spirit only then to read and learn that she actually did have reservations for all her destinations! There is a sequel to this book that I guess I know now I won’t be reading. Maybe we just need to go on our own adventures?


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