Writing Prompt: Cory and the Frog

Writing Prompt: Cory and the Frog

fun creative writing prompts

In my writing class this last fall we were given some fun creative writing prompts. First we were to write a character sketch from a photo in ten minutes. The photo I used was Cory shown above. The second writing prompt was to have our character fall in love with a talking frog and we were to include the random snatch of “poached” dialogue we had been asked to bring to class (something we had overheard someone say) as the opening bit of dialogue; we’d get ten minutes for this second bit as well. It was wonderful to hear what other people wrote; it is amazing what came out. Here are what I did in response to each prompt:


Cory leaned in, his little brown head in his clean hands, his eyes warm with both the compliment and the sun drenched day. He was eager to hear what they were saying, lapping in information receptively, forgetting that he was usually shy. He felt loved here, drinking in the acceptance and approval like the thirsty –but now almost satiated– child that he was. So glad to be adopted, his ebony eyes are no longer confused and waiting, but have become assured that stability and peace are actually possible. Gratitude overflows, and he settles in, cozy after a long swim.

Cory and the Frog

Cory had never held a frog before. He had been sitting starring at the marsh trying to reconcile his former life with his brand new one, when the frog jumped into his hand with this extraordinary remark, “Unify it all by putting a wash over it.”

Cory jumped also, but his heart, so hardened by concrete playgrounds and parking lot back yards, instantly melted. A real thing was talking to him, seemingly miraculously deducing his disconnect. “What do you mean,” the boy responded.

“The lady next door does watercolors outside and I’ve watched her. The paintings always work better after she wets the whole paper. It blends the edges together just slightly so nothing is in too sharp of a contrast.”

Hum, Cory thought, how could this frog know how unlike home this marsh was? Here, even frogs gave advice. The kids back in Baltimore wouldn’t believe it.

Intrigued, but still skeptical and incredulous, Cory asked, “How do I do that – put a wash over my life? The differences are too big but I don’t want to lose either part.”

“You don’t have to,” counseled the frog. “The wash is Love. When you think of the past or experience something in the future, wet it with Love, until it fuses into the perfect present.”

“Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks for understanding. Can we chat again sometime?”

fun creative writing prompts

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