Photos of Local Mushrooms

Photos of Local Mushrooms


Recently I stopped by Holbrook Farm and to my delight they had just received their first delivery of these beautiful, delicious, local mushrooms. Apparently, a young entrepreneur is growing them in the refurbished basement of an abandoned local Singer sewing machine factory.  While fawning over these extraordinary fungi, I met a knowledgeable young restaurant chef who was buying copious amounts of these to put on his gourmet pizza. (Needless to say I got his card and we will be dining in his establishment soon!)

I wish I had my camera with me (no I don’t usually carry it on routine errands) but I did the best I could to photograph some of them with my iPhone.  Most of these are oyster mushrooms, and I’ve never seen them so fresh.  I bought a few (that’s $3 worth on our cutting board) and for a treat we sautéed them up in butter as shown below.  Aren’t they lovely?


-untitled-  6575

-untitled-  6552

-untitled-  6556

-untitled-  6573

-untitled-  6550 - Version 2

-untitled-  6569

-untitled-  6555

-untitled-  6571

-untitled-  6550

-untitled-  6548

-untitled-  6547

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