Connecticut Clay Artists’ Show

Connecticut Clay Artists’ Show

Connecticut Clay Artists

I enjoyed going to this Connecticut Clay Artist’s show. Some of this work was done in the same studio I have time in on Tuesday mornings. Pottery is a diverse medium and I love going to shows like this to get good glaze or textural ideas.

-untitled-  3045

-untitled-  3050

-untitled-  3048

-untitled-  3043

-untitled-  3040

-untitled-  3036

-untitled-  3033

-untitled-  3029

-untitled-  3031

-untitled-  3028

-untitled-  3025

-untitled-  3023

-untitled-  3018

-untitled-  3013

-untitled-  3005

-untitled-  3004

-untitled-  3003

-untitled-  2998

-untitled-  2997

-untitled-  2996

-untitled-  2995

-untitled-  2994

-untitled-  2992

-untitled-  2981

-untitled-  2989

-untitled-  2980

-untitled-  3014

-untitled-  3015

-untitled-  3016

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