Haiku Across Canada

Haiku Across Canada

Haiku about Canada

I wrote these haiku while driving across Canada (and yes, those photos are all of different rainbows at similar times on successive days):

A sad goodbye to Banff / Mountains give way to the plain / We head east again.

Sunset behind me / Full moon raising before me / Saskatchewan skies.

An endless prairie / Of wide expansive feeling / Stretching on all sides.

A rainbow again / Every evening one greets us / We drive beneath it.

Not a single light / Blackness of a prairie night / Are dreamers out there?

Hanging suspended / In a Manitoba morn/ Puffy clouds bring smiles.

Picnic in the sun / Basking turns to a scramble / Sudden rain pours down.

Monotonous roads / Driving east around the lake / Huge Ontario.

Lake Superior / Pebbly with rock ledges / We had a great time.


















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  1. ginny 9 years ago

    I was with you “all the way!” Beautiful EVERYTHING – Thank you so much !
    The haiku’s are terrific ! All Love, Ginny
    My daughters and their dad are off to Lake Louise and surroundings next week.

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