How Do You Do All You Do?

How Do You Do All You Do?


A blog reader named Don recently asked me this question with the sub heading of “do you sleep?” And even though all I leave undone screams at me from every corner for attention, here is what I found myself answering:

1) I am more present in the “now” than most people. That is the only place God is, not in the past or in the future. When we are tempted to dwell in our thinking in either the past (reminiscing or recriminating) or the future (worrying about it or anticipating it) we deny ourselves being in the present, which is where our only sphere of influence is, and the only place we can express Life. By insisting on living and staying in the “now” I save gobs of time other people waste. “Now” is the only time that anything can get done. In each present moment I also I enjoy an ongoing communion with God that is empowering, uplifting and inspiring. In the “now” I am never on my own and help is as close as my next breath.

2) I refuse to take on a false sense of responsibility. God is in charge and is fully capable. My job is to manifest the ever-present divine goodness, completely subservient and obedient to the incredible Mind that made me, which I am to image forward. I am the effect and not the Cause. I have duties to perform, but do not presume to play God on anyone else, including family members, clients, friends, or church members. I let God handle everyone else as directly as He does me. Many people waste much precious life force on a skewed perspective of their responsibility.

3) I am consistently striving for authenticity. “I can is the son of I am.” I work to have a clear sense of who I am spiritually and what I need to be doing with that uniqueness. I am discovering myself as the immediate outcome of the one all-powerful Source. I waste no energy maintaining, manipulating or keeping track of an image. Being genuine and transparent, with infinite choice and a whole range of qualities, means I’m never “done,” but instead, always engaged and on task in one way or another.

With these three approaches streamlining my experience, I usually muddle through more effectively than many who are dragged down either by the past or the future, or beleaguered by a false sense of responsibility, or crippled by concerns of what others may think of them. An ongoing, developing relationship with divine Love is a wonderful, reassuring basis from which to do anything.

I’m so busy fully attempting to authentically represent God’s will for me at any given moment, and to be completely focused on each successive leading I discern, that there is no consciousness left for me to dwell on the vast amount of stuff I am not getting done! There is a lot that does not happen, but what does is what was prioritized as real and true and needed, full of God’s generosity.


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