New Poem by Me: Outside the SAT Cheering “Go Team!”

New Poem by Me: Outside the SAT Cheering “Go Team!”

taking the SAT, prayers for tests, prayer for test taking

Outside the SAT Cheering “Go Team!”

“All things work together for good to them that love God.”
Give up any misgivings or woulda, coulda, shoulda.
God is working His purpose out as question proceeds to question.
My son’s place and future are assured
by his heavenly Father who alone anoints and appoints.

The divine intelligence being expressed by my son in this test this morning
is the same intelligence governing the whole college application process.
The immortal Mind that made the test is taking it, scoring it and utilizing the results.

God is responsible.
My son is His image and reflection, not mine.
He expresses astute concentration, stamina, clarity and poise.
He manifests alert, sharp, energetic discernment
He is quick, facile, capable, motivated and honorable.
With insight and perspicacity he can achieve constant accuracy.
Perfection is possible since God does not make mistakes.
God is never wrong and always gives him what he needs.
He’s been offered the perfect pitch:
now to slam it out of the ball park and jog the bases for a home run.

God guards, upholds and protects him
so nothing can thwart or distract him.
He cannot be tripped up, blocked, bogged down
agitated, tricked or confused in any way.
He is not tired, restless, annoyed nor nervous.
The ball is securely in his hands. He cannot stumble, but is entirely free.
The playing field is wide open for a spectacular touchdown.

He writes lucidly
taking a stand and backing it up with logical arguments.
His structure is coherent, his spelling decent,
his word choice inspired, his handwriting legible.
He is a nimble natural, neither verbose, terse, nor truncated.
Conditions in the arena are ideal for a slam dunk…
The spectators and judges go wild as he nails it
with barely a moment to spare.

The math maneuvers he must master
and ideas are readily flowing to him: angel thoughts occur
about how to specifically take action on each step
to flawlessly advance through the problems
with keen precision and unwavering diligence.
Truth is revealed in correct answers
and he is proving his alignment with this almighty power
as he fills in right bubbles with fluid exactness.
Each time, conscientiously, and with finesse, his club strikes the ball,
the tiny sphere soars and arches before it sinks to meet it’s mark:another hole in one.
Adding up to a mounting multitude of them,without a fluke, even on the long shots.

He reads a ton, and his comprehension is astonishingly thorough
A champion of big words, his vocabulary is robust
Picky about proper language usage, he’s been dubbed the grammar police.
Speed in these sections is not so much the issue
but he must remain riveted, scrutinizing and discriminating.
He cannot be cavalier or sloppy. God grasps every detail, so he does too;
even what is straightforward occupies his full attention and acuity.
He uses superb strategy, is careful, and checks his work.
He punts repeated head shots past the goalie
calmly scoring the points essential for triumph.

Truth, Life, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle
are at work in his human consciousness now and at every moment.
Something he doesn’t know? Distinct, ever-accessible intuition is his guide.
He’ll do his best and that is always good enough.
He has dominion over this test.
The target is there; the aim is good
coupled with strength and follow-through…
Bull’s eye!

Polly Castor

taking the SAT, prayers for tests, prayer for test taking

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