Recent Food Here

Recent Food Here

Roasted fennel

a tuna and fresh basil fritatta

fennel roasted in balsamic vinegar
avocado, bean and cheese burrito with pear
whole grain apple waffle (click here for recipe)
open-faced tuna/veggie melt with chips
tilapia & rice in green curry sauce with roasted asparagus (click here for recipe)
organic veggie sausage with green salad, avocado and banana
egg and cheese croissant with fresh squeezed tangerine juice
shrimp salad in a whole wheat pita with pear and fritos
Tarte Tatin (click here for recipe)
spinach, tomato and cheese fritatta
cheese, bean and olive enchiladas
leek, spinach, barley, and tilapia soup
baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta (click here for recipe)
crab cake with salad & banana (click here for recipe)
homemade banana nut bread

Looking forward to more light during the evening meal for better photos!

Don’t forget to put your clocks ahead this Saturday evening!

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