Automatic and Semi-Automatic Weapons

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Weapons

automatic semi automatic

Overall this is a blog about hope. I would feel remiss not addressing this challenging issue here.  The photos on this post are kids I don’t know, and I want them protected from senseless violence.

In my blog post yesterday about living close to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre I talked about love. We need that. We need prayer and we need help for the mentally imbalanced. 

I understand that guns don’t kill without something dreadfully gone wrong holding them and willing to pull the trigger.  I understand the arguments about not wanting to give too many of our freedoms away to the Federal government. But this is not about your rifle to go hunting or your handgun to protect your home. I’m not a proponent of either of those, but I’m willing to leave that on the table. 

But I’m not willing to hear again of a movie theater, synagogue, mall or school where citizens – particularly children– are mercilessly mown down.  Try as I might,  can’t ever think of an appropriate reason for a private citizen to need the freedom to own and wield a semi-automatic or automatic weapon of mass destruction.  

Please write to your congressman and senators and demand legislation to control private ownership of these military weapons.  Click here for a sample letter to cut and paste as well as links to addresses of where to send them.

Keep the love coming. Keep the prayers coming. But please, don’t omit this important step for those precious ones like these shown here that we’ll never know.


automatic semi automatic

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