Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.

Today my thirteen year old daughter was a skunk, my sixteen year old son was Jesus, and my eighteen year old daughter for the first time did not dress up, surprised to find it repugnant to be anything other than herself. Me? I wore the beloved orange.

All but the top two of these photos were taken at friends of mine in town that are in their thirtieth year of displaying several hundred jack-o-lanterns (safely lit by Christmas lights) for amazed night time crowds. See them in the second to last photo; this enormous achievement takes them a full week to complete with lots of community involvement. Us? Besides helping them scrape out some pumpkin guts last week, this was our first year of no pumpkins on our stoop and no trick-or-treaters at our door.

And the guy in the last photo? He’s in need of a Christian Science treatment, which removes horrible masks of all kinds…

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