Still Behind / James’ Food

Still Behind / James’ Food

Grilled cheese and soup

Well, I’ve been back for a month and the promises I made here have not come to fruition. I thought I’d catch up quickly on my return and that just hasn’t happened. It was taking me so long to edit my pictures from my month away that I then got behind on current content. So now you are getting current blog posts along with occasional back-fill ones.

In this next week I hope to step that up and come clean! So now you have been warned (again). I’ve got the second half the western trip to post, and all of Creative Arts camp, along with stuff that happened early on my return. I’m five (almost 6) pages behind on sharing my Box-A-Day art journal. And I’ve got so many fall photos from this gorgeous season here, I hardly know where to start! So hopefully a lot of content will start flowing into your in-box soon, with all kids of dates in the last two months. Thanks for your patience. I’ve been thinking for weeks that NEXT week things will get back to normal, and maybe it’ll be true next week? I refuse to just bag it; so we’ll get there some week soon.

My husband did the cooking to spell me for most of a month in order to help me get up to speed on the house, the homeschooling, my work, and –ha!– the blog. (The first three have finally settled in, which is why I’m encouraged that the blog will be next.) This generosity of his meant he was the one who had to deal with the bumper crop of tomatoes, kale and chard, all of which are time consuming. His support with all this is really appreciated.

Among many other things, he made me the yummy stuff you see here. That grilled cheese sandwich with roasted tomatoes was divine. Below is his falafel wrap; his tzatziki is fabulous.

I’ve just recently taken back the responsibility for our meals. It feels good and normal to be holding those reins again.

It is so warm here, it still feels like September… so no wonder I’m still blogging September content… Thanks for bearing with me. We’ll get back to one blog a day soon…

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