Recent Meals

Recent Meals

Nachos and salad

Here are some recent meals of ours:

• (above) Tilapia salad with bean & cheese nachos

• (in order below) Turkey burger (my husband’s) and veggie burger (mine) with raspberries (the two yellow raspberries are the first from our garden).

• Fresh trout with rice and asparagus (at Eagle’s Mere Inn click here) compliments of blog reader Carole (thank you!)

• Veggie sausages with green soup (click here for recipe) and cherries

• Bean and cheese enchiladas with garden greens

• Lemon-pepper tilapia with roasted root vegetables, and sauteed greens

• Crab salad with fresh peas and sweet peppers

• Grilled Munster on German dark wheat with spinach/leek/barley/tilapia soup and blueberries

• Veggie Sausage Casserole (click here for recipe) with salad and fruit

• Homemade mushroom barley burger with salad and sugar snap peas

• Shrimp salad with yellow tomatoes, strawberries and candied pecans

• Almond Parmesan tilapia with pear/walnut/Gorgonzola salad and berries

• Homemade salmon burger on a whole wheat bun garnished with sauteed scapes and fresh dill, served with garden greens

• Crab quesadilla with garden greens

• Battered halibut with tartar sauce, sauteed greens, roasted asparagus and raspberries

• Almond Parmesan tilapia with green soup (same as above: click here for recipe) and blueberries

• Cold shrimp cocktail with mango

• Crab salad with avocado and fresh peas

• Our 4th of July host’s barbecue…

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