We Saw “Wicked” on Broadway

We Saw “Wicked” on Broadway


It was a pleasure to see “Wicked” on Broadway in New York City. My sister was visiting from North Carolina for the Little People Convention and I came into the city to hang out with my her while her daughter (my niece) relished her scene. I had never before seen so many dwarves in one place! I learned that they call us AP’s (average sized people) and themselves LP’s. It is interesting that every subset of folks have their own lingo.

Anyway, we were delighted to have tickets for “Wicked.” The sets were most interesting and the costumes and casting were great. It was fun to see the creativity expressed both in the writing of a prequel to a famous story but also in the production itself. There were many moments that struck me as careful artistic compositions in themselves. It was also a nice twist to find yourself rooting for the green not-so-wicked-at-all witch of the west. It served as a timely for me lesson on not letting appearances deceive you, as well as a reminder that goodness rather than popularity is what is to be desired. Below see some of my other photos…








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