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  • spiritual pep talk, inspiration college student

    Spiritual Pep Talk from a College Student

    By on May 3, 2015

    Focus your mind so intently on love. It seems hard in the moment because it’s so tempting to pay...

  • Quote by Bishop John Shelby Spong

    Quote by Bishop John Shelby Spong

    By on April 28, 2015

    After my blog “Uncleanness Cast Out,” this bit of an article was sent to me by a blog reader....

  • at one ment

    Uncleanness Cast Out

    By on April 19, 2015

    I saw clearly that the Christ did not just cast out that one man’s uncleanness, but everyone’s for all...

  • Yom HaShoah

    Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day

    By on April 16, 2015

    Our local clergy association– of which I am a member – is holding a Holocaust Remembrance Day service this...

  • Spiritual balance, living in balance, spiritual living

    Thinking about Balance

    By on April 9, 2015

    I express balance in a lot of ways. I'm pretty good about balancing my meals, the topics on this...

  • Polly Castor poetry, Christian Poetry, Discipleship poem

    New Poem: Discipleship Can Be Messy

    By on April 2, 2015

    Discipleship is a good thing: something to seek and make an effort for like food and shelter.

  • Lorica of St. Patrick

    From the Lorica of Saint Patrick

    By on March 17, 2015

    Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ on my...

  • Frame of reference

    Frame of Reference is Important

    By on February 25, 2015

    Things are literally different depending on “the frame of reference” you view them from, and this has been proven...

  • Spiritually minded, spiritual mind

    Being Spiritually Minded

    By on February 18, 2015

    For this month, in my project of contemplating and growing in one attribute of Spirit at a time, I...

  • energy mass, spiritual physics, metaphysics

    Energy Instead of Mass

    By on February 4, 2015

    We usually consider matter as solid, but it is far from it. The closer you get to looking at...

  • Prayer in a Blizzard

    Prayer in a Blizzard

    By on January 27, 2015

    Given that we are expecting anywhere from 16 to 36 inches of snow in the next twelve hours, I...

  • Working Like Spirit

    Working like Spirit Does

    By on January 14, 2015

    A month ago, I blogged about being positive as the first entry in a project of more consciously imbibing...