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    Advice for a First Time Homeschooler

    By on September 10, 2015

    Recently, on the Connecticut Homeschool Network a first year homeschooler solicited experienced homeschoolers to share one piece of advice...

  • Wayne Dyer Quotes, Wayne Dyer Memes, Wayne Dyer Tribute

    A Tribute to Wayne Dyer in Memes

    By on September 7, 2015

    Check out some of what I especially appreciate that he advocated shown in memes here in this post...

  • homemade fire starters, how to make fire starters

    Our Homemade Fire Starters

    By on July 19, 2015

    Leave the lighter fluid at home and make these instead.

  • Homeschooling memory book

    What they said in my Homeschool Memory Book

    By on June 14, 2015

    So you can see how sweet this community is, here are some comments that were written to me for...

  • clear the clutter

    Quote About Clearing Clutter

    By on April 25, 2015

    Where there is chaos in your home, there will be chaos reflected in your experience.

  • Pastel demonstraction

    Pastel Still Life Demonstration

    By on March 27, 2015

    Today I went to a pastel demonstration done by Patricia Tribastone. In this post you can see photos from...

  • When the going gets tough

    When the Going Gets Tough

    By on March 3, 2015

    Last week I read a wonderful blog post by Katrina Kenison that I quote below so I can refer...

  • Live the questions, Rainer Maria Rilke quote

    Live the Questions

    By on February 23, 2015

    Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live...

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote

    F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote

    By on January 11, 2015

    For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want...

  • Be positive, Don't Bear False Witness

    Be Positive and Don’t Bear False Witness

    By on December 19, 2014

    A month ago a blog reader and I agreed to take one quality of Spirit each month and focus...

  • Jesus told us

    The Two Places Jesus Told Us to Go

    By on November 18, 2014

    We are to go “into the closet” where materialism is silenced to pray and commune with the divine. We...

  • teach vocabulary

    Teaching Vocabulary in our Homeschool

    By on October 7, 2014

    Having answered questions on a homeschooling chat-list recently about teaching vocabulary, I thought I’d include my thoughts on the...