Confidence (Poem by Agnes Florida Chalmers)

Confidence (Poem by Agnes Florida Chalmers)
Confidence poem by Agnes Florida Chalmers Confidence (pastel) by Polly Castor


Our Father knows my need to-day;
I do not, doubting, ask
For happy hours or golden way,
Or loving, helpful task;
But, with all trust in Love, I pray :
Our Father knows my need to-day.

Our Father knows my need this hour;
Where’er my steps may go,
The saving light of Truth’s high tower
Now leads me—this I know.
Thine is the majesty and power,
O Love divine, this day—this hour.

Our Father knows this moment’s need,—
My work, my prayer, my song,
The healing word and Christlike deed.
Here where the way seems long,
Truth’s manna falls and I am fed ;
Love’s light shines clear and I am led.

Love sets the earth-bound captive free ;
And, mindful of His own,
With loving care He leadeth me.
When wandering and lone,
I find in Truth the living way:
Our Father knows my need to-day.


by Agnes Florida Chalmers in 1907, as seen here

Close-up detail of Confidence by Polly Castor


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  1. Sherri 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Isabel 3 weeks ago

    Amazing art! Love the poem.
    I’m part of a small prayer group that sends daily prayers to a mutual friend receiving treatment at MD Anderson. I think a poem can be as inspirational as a prayer. At times, we can only take in a small amount. Our friend has found our daily prayer most sustaining. It is the least we can do.

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