Beach Baptism (Photos)

Beach Baptism (Photos)

Beach Baptism photos

Last Sunday morning, after our nephew’s wedding on Saturday, our niece’s daughter was baptized on the beach by her mom’s husband. Her mom played flute for a hymn. The baptismal gown has been passed down for generations in our niece’s husband’s family. It was hot and windy out, but the rainclouds made a turn out at sea and went the other way, accommodating the event.

Such joy we all felt! This child is encircled by love and support, which is beyond beautiful. So grateful for her and her family!




































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  1. Jinx 10 months ago

    How beautiful is that !

  2. Mary Jo Beebe 9 months ago

    I had to go back a second time to view this lovely occasion. The baby is so beautiful. The whole family celebrating her loveliness and oneness with her Maker is so appealingly wonderful. And the beach setting adds so much naturalness and wholesomeness to the event. Love it!

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