Silver Rain (Poem by Langston Hughes)

Silver Rain (Poem by Langston Hughes)

Silver Rain by Langston Hughes

Silver Rain

In time of silver rain
the earth
puts forth new life again,
green grasses grow
and flowers lift their heads,
and over all the plain
the wonder spreads
of life,
of life,
of life!

In time of silver rain
the butterflies
lift silken wings
to catch a rainbow cry,
and trees put forth
new leaves to sing
in joy beneath the sky
as down the roadway
passing boys and girls
go singing, too,
in time of silver rain
when spring
and life
are new.

by Langston Hughes



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  1. Sue Krevitt 1 year ago

    I agree with Mary Baker Eddy in her article, Voices of Spring:

    “Mine is an obstinate penchant for nature in all her moods and forms,
    a satisfaction with whatever is hers.”

    Miscellaneous Writings 329:2

    I love your Spring photos, Polly, and all poems, yours and others’, that you share: Just Great!
    Thank you.


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