My Birthday 2023

My Birthday 2023

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. It was fun to hear from so many people both on the phone and via social media.

To me, birthdays are not about age or numbers, but are a reminder of my spiritual pre-existence and eternal immortality. They are also a special occasion to feel the love from your community.

Both my sisters sent presents– those wrapped ones below are from them. They held watercolor markers from one sister, and a new shirt from the other. Our two daughters had already given me their presents; our older one gave me the trip to Guadeloupe as my Christmas/birthday gift, and the younger one made me those beaded bracelets. My husband surprised me with tulips, and I’ve got a raincheck for a meal out sometime soon.

We had book group meet at our house last evening, and I made an outrageously good Blistered Grape and Roasted Cauliflower Lasagna with homemade pasta noodles for dinner.  I’ll get it on the blog sometime, but I may be the only one willing to put in this level of effort for a meal. I find it invigorating to try new things, and this adventure sure paid delicious dividends.

I’m glad to be traveling around the sun with you! Thank you for all the love!





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  1. Sarla 1 year ago

    Thank you for so generously sharing the high marks of beauty that make for so gracious a life of high blessings!

  2. Sherri 1 year ago

    Happy birthday Polly! Sending more love your way. A most wonderful way of seeing existence as eternal and immortal. It is special (and my privilege) to acknowledge your unique and necessary contribution that blesses the world in so many ways. So happy to know you.

  3. Meg+Hanson 1 year ago

    Sounds like a perfect day!

  4. Joyce Alluan Ades 1 year ago

    Happy Birthday awesome Polly ❤️
    Thanks for adding grace and beauty to our lives.

  5. Susana Brown 1 year ago

    Happy “Worth Day”, Polly!

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