Artwork Done on Guadeloupe

Artwork Done on Guadeloupe
Travel artwork done on Guadeloupe Beach in Saint Anne on Guadeloupe

In this post you can see the artwork I did on Guadeloupe on location in my sketchbook and in my art journal. You can also see how I filled in a small concertina foldout journal consecutively each evening back at our lodgings, to summarize the events of our day. That’s particularly fun, since it records and captures the essence of our days together in one place. You can see a short video of the concertina book here.

The last photo shows the art kit I took: a 5″x5″ sketchbook, a 3″x4″concertina, and a 5″x7″ art journal with watercolor paper. I took gouache, a small bottle for water, tape I didn’t use, grid journaling viewfinders, artgraph sumi ink, brushes, and posca pens.  I never carried all of it with me when we went out for the day, but would pick a small assortment to go withme , depending on the activity. It worked pretty well, and all of it fit in a 1 gallon ziplock in my carry-on.

Travel artwork done on Guadeloupe Concertina sketchbook of encapsulating our whole trip to Guadeloupe


(close-up first 1/3 of concertina sketchbook)


(close-up middle 1/3 of concertina sketchbook)


(close-up last 1/3 of concertina sketchbook)


Sketch from a restaurant deck over the surf in Deshaies


Grid of vignettes through my viewfinder from our lodging’s deck in Guadeloupe


Aloe tree from our lodging’s deck..


Our lodgings and first impressions arriving in Guadeloupe


Impressions from our snorkeling beach on Terre de Haut


Waiting to snorkel around Pigeon Island in the Cousteau Reserve.


The art kit I took on the trip
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    Your talent is amazing

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    I agree with Lilian, your talent is amazing!

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