Fun to See my Merchandise in Use

Fun to See my Merchandise in Use

Polly Castor Art Merchandise

On this trip it has been fun to see my merchandise in use.

Most popular are my cell phone covers, and it has been great to have people at camp approach me cheerfully brandishing their version. I took some photos of a few I’ve seen in the last week, so you can check them out in this post. If you want a cell phone cover with my art on it, they are always available in the menu tab on this site under “merchandise”, but you can buy iphone cases directly by clicking here, or galaxy cases by clicking here. (Please note that they offer every phone case in both “slim line” and “tough case” options, so don’t miss that toggle. In the photos here, the first one below is the slim version, and the rest art tough ones.)

Also I’ve heard from people on this trip that the puzzles offered on my merchandise site are wonderful, of a good quality, with yummy, luscious, saturated colors. You can order the puzzles by clicking here.

Last year when I was an artist in residence at this camp, I sold calendars, so I’ve had a lot of people ask about them. Everyone here that bought one last year wants another one, which is a pretty great success rate. This year, I’ll be taking orders for them in November, to be mailed to you the first week of December. In November, I’ll have a blog invite to purchase calendars of my art, or you can contact me to put your name and email on a notification list.

I am selling blank greeting cards here at camp, but you can get greeting cards too on the merchandise site here.

Treat yourself to some more color in your life, or order some great gifts to brighten up the lives of your friends and family!



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  1. Dilys 2 years ago

    That’s great news Polly. I’m so glad your merchandise is being enjoyed by many people!

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