Abstract Photo Compositions of Peeling Paint

Abstract Photo Compositions of Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint Underneath the Viaduct

I drive under this viaduct every week on the way to and from Costco. I always think the peeling paint catches the light in interesting ways. In the December version of stopping to smell the flowers, recently I stopped to take these photos of what I’m usually driving past.

I find these little compositions of light and texture fascinating. I hope you do too.

Even though this season is busy for most of you, please dedicate some moments to appreciate your surroundings, whatever they may be.








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  1. John gregory 12 months ago

    Reminded me of my artist friend…Michael Mills…you shoukd know each other.

  2. Cheryl 12 months ago

    Very interesting compositions. You always amaze me, Polly.

  3. Sue Krevitt 12 months ago

    It’s obvious why you would be attracted to these designs, Polly, they
    are so much like your wonderful abstracts!

    And, yes, I do and will continue, to notice my surroundings. The necessary goals
    of Costco and such don’t…hold a candle!


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