Photos of a Winter Weekend Walk

Photos of a Winter Weekend Walk

Photos of a winter weekend walk

I have been hiking this Huntington State Park land now for decades. It is a huge park, overlapping three local towns, including mine. Last week we were ice bound (see here) with some very low temperatures, so with that now mostly melted, it was good to get out again in relative warmth (29ºF).  I discovered that the lakes were still frozen, and the mid afternoon sun was still offering long shadows.

Enjoy in this post photo compositions from my hike, taken casually, and without filters, on my iPhone. All that fresh air felt good in my lungs! I am so glad I live somewhere that we get the full range of seasons.


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  1. Barbara Foster 5 years ago

    So pretty! I miss Connecticut!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 5 years ago

      Connecticut misses you!

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