Wisdom in Four Words or Less

Wisdom in Four Words or Less

Wisdom in four words or less

I follow someone on social media who asked people to offer their best advice in four words or less. I was amazed that she had over 2000 responses. It was an uplifting thread to read, so I thought you might like to read a small slice of them. Besides, maybe I need to review this list often! Check it out:

It will be ok

You do you

Trust your journey

Try, then try again

You will get there

Be obedient to God

Never give up

Consistency will pay off

Be kind

Don’t be afraid

Keep it simple

Always take a stand

Do not ever quit

Trust yourself, despite everything

Find something you love

This too shall pass

Stop. Breathe. Go.

Don’t stress, keep working

One step at a time

No challenge, no change

Love yourself

Say yes to adventure

No excuses

Be positive

It will get better

Do it for yourself

Love always wins

Choose happiness

Trust God’s goodness

It’s all about balance

Travel is happiness

Slow and steady wins

Have a purpose

Moderation in all things

Be authentic

Believe in yourself

Go to bed early

Make your mind up

Not now, then when?

Tough times don’t last

Takes risks

Embrace more good

Never lose hope

Patience and regularity

Give it a go

Stay focused and motivated

Mind over matter always

Start it already

Breathe deep, seek peace

Be a good person

Extend compassion to others

Go for it

dedication, determination, satisfaction

Eat clean, train mean

Better now than never

Be good and enjoy

See beauty everywhere

You are worth it

Let’s fix it together

No overnight results

Comparisons are counterproductive

Enjoy the process

You will feel better

You can do it!

Stand start walk run

Build others up

Be your own hero

Happiness is the point

Helping others defines success

Mind your own business

Nothing is impossible

Less things, more experience

Slow progress is best

Health is wealth

Be honest

Forgiveness heals

Appreciate progress!

Live, learn, grow

Own oxygen mask first

Grace is the key

You deserve the best

Anything is possible

Family above all

Don’t hate, just love

Dream, believe, acheive

Unconditional love is mandatory

Don’t be average

Be nice

Don’t skip breakfast

Age is no barrier

Ignore opinions

Be better than yesterday

Never say never!

It will get easier

Everyone starts somewhere

Remember to stretch yourself

You’re your only limit

Respect yourself

Be your own person

Find what suits you

Don’t waste your time

Consistency is key

Speak gently

Live in the present

Start small, dream big

Take care of yourself

Smile every single day

Quit worrying

Make yourself a priority

Live with no regrets

Work hard, be consistent

Wake up very early

Today’s a good day

Remember your goals!

Stop wishing, start doing

Courage, faith, and trust

Carpe Diem!

Stay humble

Seek positivity everywhere

Never judge others

Be consistent. Be consistent.

Keep your soul happy

Let go, let God!

Choose to be awesome

Breathe and believe

Concentrate on yourself

Live more, stress less

Fear nothing!

Always choose kindness

Trust your own intuition

Just start today

Listen to your heart

Live and let live

Transform weaknesses into strengths

Thoughts become your reality

Small steps, big results

Fear is a liar

Don’t overthink things

Let Love guide you

Give your 100%

Being is becoming

Have fun being healthy

Don’t pretend, be real

Admit to your mistakes

Don’t worry, be happy

Find what feels good

Run your own race

Be the change

Spread joy around

Don’t self sabatogue

Be considerate of others

Do your best everyday

Follow your instinct

Smile, you’ve got this!

Challenge yourself and continue

Do what’s necessary

Baby steps of improvement

Stop listening to others

Chase your high ideals

Be confident

Be your biggest fan

Do more, postpone less

Buy low, sell high

Never underestimate your ability

End goal in mind

Keep your head up

Pursue good habits

Consume less, recycle more

Earn it everyday

Every moment is precious

Cherish every singe day

Stop comparing yourself

Money doesn’t buy happiness

Always trust your gut

Let it evolve naturally

It’s not magic: practice!

Mindfulness, moderation, motivation

Only your opinion matters

Don’t be afraid.

Find your rythmn

Seek advice when needed!

Look forward with hope

Pray and be conscious

Everyday, be reborn

Try your best everyday

Fear is an illusion

Everyone’s progress is different

Less stuff, more living

Find God

Persevere ’til the end

Be thankful

Choose to be happy

Be accountable and organized

Focus, forgive, grow, love

Don’t talk, do it

Work hard, play hard

Be calm and serene

Be your own boss

Everything will work out

Practice makes perfect

Desiring help isn’t failure

Find the power within

Bloom where you’re planted

Humble yourself before God

Find something you enjoy

Count your blessings

Just show up

Just appreciate the moment

No action, no results

Keep a gratitude list

Sanity not vanity

Be your best self

Choose your battles wisely

Celebrate every tiny victory

Get enough sleep

Turn criticism into motivation

Find your own style

Leave your comfort zone

You’re your only competition

Divest from fossil fuels

Un-faced fears become limits

Always start over again

Pursue individual excellence

You can’t please everyone

Attention to details please

Everybody starts from scratch

Treat people well

You create your reality

Thank God every morning

Drink more water

Never settle for mediocre

Random acts of kindness

Make the world better

Live not exist

Prepare to surprise yourself

Form over speed

Love God, love others

Growth isn’t always comfortable

Never keep score

Don’t be embarrassed

Study hard

Choose consistency, not intensity

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Ask God for direction

Do what is worthy

seek progress, not perfection

Don’t give up!

Life your life fully

Keep moving thought forward

Just be at peace

You’ll thank yourself later


This is what world thought looks like; this is what people are thinking about. A little different than what you hear about on the news, isn’t it?

Be encouraged! Pick out a few and do them!

What else would you add to the list? Put your four words or less in the comments below.


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