Books I Bought With My Christmas Gift Cards

Books I Bought With My Christmas Gift Cards

Books I Bought With My Christmas Gift Cards

So I usually milk my gift cards, stringing them out all year, but this time I shot my wad all at once!

These books I had from the library and loved enough to need them as my own:

Clean Slate

Salt Fat Acid Heat (also recommended to me by a lot of you: it is a fabulous book that I will definitely be reviewing once I’ve read every word.)

Paper Collage Chinese Style

These books were recommended by you blog readers and I finally purchased them because they are not available through our interconnected library system:

Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude

Diana, Herself

Jeweled Highway

To Be Soul Do Soul


So thank you for your recommendations! I listen to you!

And lastly, for fun, I bought The White Mirror, which is book two in an unfolding mystery series set in 18th century China. I reviewed the first Li Du mystery on my blog here. It was titled Jade Dragon Mountain.

Keep your recommendations coming; let me know when you read something terrific that you think I would like!

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