Homegrown Vegetables

Homegrown Vegetables


Yesterday I singled out our tomato harvest, but my husband has been growing other things that have done really well too. There have been lots of beans, broccoli, eggplant, pears, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, onions, and absolutely enormous butternut squash. In the photo above, I placed the tomatoes to show the relative humongousness of these squashes. How nice it is to have a husband talented in gardening! The raspberries, brussels sprouts, and cabbages, are coming along nicely too…

IMG_6072  IMG_6070  IMG_6374  IMG_6372  IMG_6009  IMG_7334  IMG_5838  IMG_6061  IMG_6314  IMG_6284  IMG_8075  IMG_8155  IMG_6008  IMG_6263  IMG_7370  IMG_6310 IMG_6292

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  1. Jo Gabriele 8 years ago

    The veggies are living art and look delicious, but by far my favorite is James’ wearing his “digging in the dirt” pants.


  1. […] are photos of some of the vegetables we’ve harvested since these three posts (here, here, and here) earlier this fall. It has been quite a haul, with the Brussels sprouts still to come, […]

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