Our Youngest’s Summer is Over

Our Youngest’s Summer is Over


For our youngest, school is about to begin. She had a summer full of good activity.

First, she went with her college for two weeks in the southwest doing some interdisciplinary studies for credit. In the first photo below, you can see her as they climbed out of the Grand Canyon.

For the rest of the summer she was a horseback counselor at Adventure Unlimited Camps in Colorado, where she led three day pack trips into the mountains, mostly with 9 and 10 year olds. She gained a lot of skills on horseback, as well as copious leadership skills. She also peaked her second 14,000 foot mountain. See her view from the top; she called me from there!

When she returned the second time from out west, she took the train to visit her brother in Philly, saw friends, did some beading and sewing, and ate her favorite homemade foods (for example Ginger, Carrot, Hazelnut Cake seen in the foreground of a photo below). After heading to Texas for a wedding, she goes back to college to begin her sophomore year. Also as you can see below, we snuggled the huge bears at Costco!

IMG_6118  IMG_5987  IMG_5986  IMG_5985  IMG_6113  IMG_6079  IMG_6093  IMG_6022 IMG_2812

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