Hammonasset Beach Photos in Early February

Hammonasset Beach Photos in Early February

hammonasset beach photos

Here are the photos I took on our Sunday (birthday) walk on Hammonasset Beach. (I took some black and white photos too which I’ll share with you soon.)

I loved the bluish purple in the snow shadows, and the stubbly textures of the grass, trees, and shrubs. The blue-grey of the sound was also stunning. The water was so very still, it was hardly even lapping!

IMG_7881  IMG_7876  IMG_7932  IMG_7869 IMG_7917  IMG_7903  IMG_7930  IMG_7913  IMG_7883  IMG_7929  IMG_7872 IMG_7925  IMG_7910  IMG_7923  IMG_7906    IMG_7873  IMG_7905  IMG_7922 - Version 2  IMG_7904  IMG_7878

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  1. Helen Eddy 8 years ago

    Hi Polly
    Your photos of Hammonasset Beach brought back fond memories
    of the annual trip from Enfield to visit relatives that summered there when
    my sisters and I were little girls. I especially like the tree reflected image and the colorful shells.


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