Fun Word Game We Played at Dinner

Fun Word Game We Played at Dinner

Fun Word Game

This happened spontaneously at dinner on Tuesday among uproarious hilarity. What an odd family we are! It felt good to laugh so hard.
Note: these are unedited! Which one do you like best?

-An aardvark and an armadillo are above an armory acquiring arms.

-Bulbous blue bunnies belay below boisterous billows.

-Capricious caterwauling cats cautiously cornered Copernicus catching candy.

-Devilish doves dangle dear darlings during daily doldrums.

-Each effervescent epaulet eats exactly enough eggs.

-Ferociously flatulent flying flamingos flee fearlessly from flaming fireworks.

-Growing gargantuan guavas, gregarious gorillas gorge gleefully.

-Hibiscuses hate heterogeneous herbivores.

-Instead, Iris’ ire is indefatigably initiated in iridescent ignominy.

-Jesting judicious juveniles, James juggles jovial jellyfish.

-Kissing kangaroos kindly kick kinky koala’s kryptonic kites.

-Lustrous lithium lies luxuriously, laboring lovingly like luminous limpets.

-Monstrous mongooses mate, making many miniature mutant menageries.

-Ninety nine nude Neanderthals never need nasty neutered Narwhals near Nineveh.

-Ostentatious orange octopi omnisciently oppose outrageously objectionable orangutangs.

-Pooping panda propaganda possesses ponderous poltergeists.

-Queer Queenly Quinn quintessentially quits querying quite questioningly.

-Robust red robots reciprocate retroactively, re-routing radioactive rowdy rodents rearwards.

-Salubrious saline solutions sustain sagacious saguaro’s sanguine soliloquies.

-Termites tunnel tranquilly, turbulently testing tough teak tables.

-Ubiquitous unicorns unite under umpteen universally unacceptable umbrellas.

-Vanessa voluptuously volunteers voluminous valentines verifying vivacious values.

-Wiggling walruses wax wondrously, wanting wooden wigs when wiping wet windows with whiskers.

-Xylem xerox Xenop’s xylophones.

-Yonder yelling yellowbellied Yankee yuppies yodeled “yay” yesterday, yielding yeti yaks.

-Zany zoologists zoom zestily, zig-zagging ziggurats.

(Note: Both photos were sent in by blog readers by unknown photographers)


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