New Poem by me: I’ll Never Get Away

New Poem by me: I’ll Never Get Away

Acadia Carriage Roads (oil) by Polly Castor

I’ll Never Get Away   

I’m about to go on vacation but I’ll never get away
My job surrounds me everywhere
I’ll always be a praying person, always be a mother
always be a lover of the world.
I work and watch and trust and hope
So even though I may finally get to see new horizons,
I’ll still be creating my take on it all
aligning perception with harmony, resolution and joy.
Heart pounding and breathless I climb
new summits here in the same old flat places
only to finally escape to idle at last
in a new one crisp with discovery.
I’m looking forward to it
but nothing will really be different
infinite Love remains the same
just as all the colors in the paintbox.
But I go
supposedly putting life on hold
while I dive in deeper still, faithfully engaged
in my endless employment.
I’ll never get away
from beauty and glory and bliss
I’ll greet new vistas, new people, new breezes
with the same precious, but wildly restless soul.
Polly Castor

Sunset over Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park (pastel) by Polly Castor
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