Art Donated to the Healing Newtown Art Center

Art Donated to the Healing Newtown Art Center

healing through the arts

Yesterday I posted a clay activity I volunteered for at the Healing Newtown Through the Arts center. I thought you might like to see the space and glimpse some of the art that has been donated to it. There are still a crew of volunteers sorting mail there… so much love expressed!

-untitled-  10344

-untitled-  10348

-untitled-  10365


-untitled-  10376

-untitled-  10373

-untitled-  10374

-untitled-  10375


-untitled-  10378

-untitled-  10379

-untitled-  10383

-untitled-  10384

-untitled-  10385

-untitled-  10386

-untitled-  10390

-untitled-  10391

-untitled-  10393

-untitled-  10395

-untitled-  10388

-untitled-  10394

-untitled-  10397

healing through the arts

-untitled-  10398

-untitled-  10400

-untitled-  10407




-untitled-  10414

-untitled-  10683

-untitled-  10684

-untitled-  10686

-untitled-  10687

-untitled-  10688

-untitled-  10689

-untitled-  10690

-untitled-  10692

-untitled-  10693

-untitled-  10402

-untitled-  10401

-untitled-  10694

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