Bowling with Homeschoolers

Bowling with Homeschoolers

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Homeschooling is an extended family. Today we collected at the bowling alley for some social time. (Note the age range from a one year old to 17 year olds all enjoying each other…) I love these people!

I hadn’t been bowling since you had to use a pencil to keep track of your score… Our daughter quipped that bowling must have been more popular before all this new technology came along, and she’s right. I can remember a time when going bowling was not the novelty it is for most folks today.

However, I hadn’t remembered until today that my Dad’s first job was setting up pins in the back of a bowling lane when it was all done by hand. He worked this job to earn the ten cent movie fare to take my mother out on a date!

Wow, things have changed. Meanwhile these kids had a great time.

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