Movie Review: Intouchables

Movie Review: Intouchables

Intouchables movie review

I loved this movie and heartily give it five stars, regardless of the marijuana usage that gives it its R rating.  A French film in subtitles, this is about a wealthy quadriplegic who takes a chance and hires a black ex-con as his care giver.  It is even more heartwarming that this is based on a true story. 

Both men change their life radically by doing something completely different. The drastically improved outcomes that occur would have been impossible otherwise. As they share each other’s worlds, both of their outlooks markedly expand.  Pity is not helpful, but friendship and love and sharing are. This is a story of healing and transformation, with both subtle and pointed lessons for us all, but you’ll be having too much fun rooting for them that you won’t think about all that until later.

Both the leads in this film did a marvelous job.  This is highest box-office hit ever to come out of Europe; be sure to see it.  The scene at the opera was worth the price of admission alone.

Intouchables movie review

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