Good books for an 8 year old Girl

Good books for an 8 year old Girl

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After seeing my recent post on good books for ‘tweens, I’ve received a request for suggestions for an 8 year old girl.  After taking the time to compile this list complete with live links, it occurred to me that many of you may find this helpful as well.  Many of these titles would be great for boys too.  You can click each book title below for a link to the book on Amazon:

Best Books for 8 Year Old Girls

Chapter Books:

By Andrew Clements:

    Lunch Money


    The Landry News

    School Story

Other Authors:

Ginger Pie

Half Magic

The Hundred Dresses

The Enormous Egg

The Trouble with Jenny’s Ear

Cricket in Times Square

Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Bears on Hemlock Mountain

3 classics by EB White

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle set

Milly Molly Mandy Storybook

Detectives in Togas & Mystery of the Roman Ransom

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Misty of Chincoteaque

Laura Ingalls Wilder set

Viking Adventure

Understood Betsy

Harder picture books are great for this age; prioritize these because you’ll be doing chapter books forever after:

Young Guinevere

Vendela in Venice

Good Queen Bess

Three Young Pilgrims

Marguerite Makes a Book

Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens

Come Back Salmon

Old Turtle (allegorical)

The Serpent Slayer

D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths

Dinosaurs at the End of the Earth

Moss Gown

Stories from Around the World

NC Wyeth’s Pilgrims

The Dragon and the Unicorn

The Story of Money

The Story of the Statue of Liberty

A More Perfect Union: The Story of our Constitution

Amazing Impossible Erie Canal

How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark


Twelve Dancing Princesses

When Jesse Came Across the Sea

Nature’s Green Umbrella

Planet Earth Inside Out

Stone Girl Bone Girl

A Street Through Time

Spirit of Endurance (Shackleton)

Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter

She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!

Hailstones and Halibut Bones (poetry)

Children’s book of Virtues

King Midas and the Golden Touch

books by Mike Venezia (Getting to Know the Greatest Artists)

books by Mike Venezia (Getting to Know the Greatest Composers)

And older Easy Readers (non-fiction) :

The Trojan Horse

The Titanic

First Flight

Secrets of Mummies

Greg’s Microscope


All of these are WONDERFUL.

You’ll know your 8 year old’s interests and reading level better than I do, but regardless of age, none of these should be missed!

Happy reading and gift giving!

books for 8 year old girl

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