I’ve Adopted a Baby One Hour a Week

I’ve Adopted a Baby One Hour a Week


My youngest in particular has been influenced in a wonderful way by a certain teacher and administrator of enrichment programs. Last October, this teacher became a single mother, and in a move that swells my heart open wide, her workplace has let her keep her job and bring the child to work. This I found so commendable that I didn’t know whether to cheer out loud or weep for joy over progress we are making as a society. (I did both.)

When I met Lyla, I realized I wanted to support this mother too, so I have made an arrangement to take the child off her hands (aw shucks!) for an hour every Thursday. This is clearly a win/win situation! Lyla’s mom gets some precious uninterrupted time to work for an organization I am highly supportive of, and meanwhile, I get a dose of baby!

I’ve been marinating in teens so long, this is going to be really good for me. It is fascinating to study small children as they have so much to teach us about childlikeness. I look forward to watching this child grow up and being part of her community over the long haul.

So far we’ve been taking walks outside, and today I took her picture…



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