Words with Friends

Words with Friends

playing Words with Friends

I have been enjoying playing “Words with Friends” with my sister via our mutual iPhones.  She lives in North Carolina and I’m in Connecticut.  Some days volleys of five or so turns go back and forth, some days only one.  It has been nice to feel more connected, with time to play together, even in our busy schedules separated by distance, and even though we talk by phone most weeks. Anyway, I recommend it! The app is free in the app store for iPhone, iPad, Droid or Facebook users, and is basically Scrabble with the triple word scores, etc, in different spots.  How it works is very intuitive, and scoring is automatically tallied. In my current game above, my sister and I have backed ourselves into a corner, both with eight letters remaining to play, and not many spots to spin them off of…

If you would like to strike up a game with me, my username on “Words With Friends” is practicalprayer.  At the pace my sister and I are playing, I can definitely handle a few more ongoing games of this concurrently.  Click the reply link below, and let me know your username, so I know who I’m playing with, and initiate a game with me!  How many will do this? It will be interesting to see…  My hope is that you will, but maybe not everybody!

playing Words with Friends

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