“ARC Angels”

“ARC Angels”

Association of Religious Communities

Today I went to the annual meeting of the Association of Religious Communities (ARC).  I am active on my local Ridgefield Clergy Association;

ARC is the next larger ecumenical group, boasting two full-time employees, lots of volunteers, and many people helped.  Our church congregation supports ARC financially, as does our Clergy Association.  The newspaper articles I write are for their column. 

ARC’s Mission: “To facilitate interfaith cooperation and other partnerships to alleviate the causes of violence, suffering and hate while advancing peace, justice and human dignity.”

Some of the programs they have are (with #people served this past year):

  •     Domestic Violence Prevention (1,290)
  •     Food Pantry (1,901)
  •     Interfaith Peace Camp  (25)
  •     Homeless and Housing Advocacy (835)
  •     An Emergency Aid Network (348)
  •     Refugee & Immigration Advocacy (1,317)
  •     A Rapid Response Network
  •     Forum on Faith Weekly Newspaper Column

ARC’s grant funding has been seriously cut in a time where needs for their services are on the steep rise.  Last year they accomplished the above on a shoestring.  Consider giving them (or an organization like them near you) a donation of either time or money this year.  Check out their website at arcforpeace.org.

It is heartening to see what good work is being done and to be a part of it.  It was wonderful to be in that room today with other “ARC angels,” people who unselfishly work and generously give for the welfare of others, together making the world better place.


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