Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots from Wall Drug

Wall Drug is what my extended family would call a “TT,” short for “tourist trap.” But Wall Drug isn’t just any TT, it’s a superlative example of one. Their advertisements span hundreds of miles in advance of arrival; we counted 81 different signs. They offer free ice water (not for nothing in 106 degree temperatures), 5 cent coffee, and anything else you can imagine, all ingeniously rigged to get you to turn off a monotonous highway.

They are big on refrigerator magnets (see photos of some below) but we gravitated to the amazing selection of cowboy boots. I amused myself taking photos of some to share with you, while my daughter tried on many. After much deliberation, she bought the classic pair seen above as her trip present to herself with her own money. She’s thrilled with them! Already pre-slouched, apparently they are very comfortable…

Wall Drug hires kids from all over the world to work there, and one wonders what our guy from the Czech Republic thinks of America from his commercial outpost in South Dakota selling cowboy boots? But fun was had by all, and these shoes are likely never to leave my daughter’s feet.

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