Yesterday’s Solstice

Yesterday’s Solstice

 Summer Solstice

After a morning stop at a closing Thrift Store, we headed to the beautiful Wilson Lake in Wilton, Maine.

We bought one bag, at $2 a bag, at the thrift store. In our single bag we scored a pair of ice skates, a sleeveless jeans jacket, a leather belt and two beanie babies for my youngest daughter, two Land’s End polos for my son, an LLBean zip up purple fleece for my oldest daughter, and a black velvet skirt, six wonderful retro white teacups and a fistful of metal knitting needles for myself. Wow, that was satisfying!

Then we headed to Keneowatha Park, which is a quiet, gorgeous gem, with stunning waterfront, funded by the local Bass Shoe fortune. We spent the longest day of the year relaxing, reading, swimming, chatting, painting, taking photos, and picnicking on egg salad, garlic and herb Alouette on whole wheat crackers, fresh cherries and lemonade. It was very hard to catch the lake in paint as the light on the view was constantly changing. We stayed until the sun silently set below the hills. A gentle breeze eliminated any bugs, and the weather was without humidity. A lovely day.

How did you spend the solstice?

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