Photos of Unusual Whitewater on Swollen Local Streams

Photos of Unusual Whitewater on Swollen Local Streams


After around five inches of rain yesterday, 78,000 people in Connecticut are still without power, with many more than that powerless over the border in New York. Roads and highways are closed due to flooding or trees down. The photos taken here are some small streams which have ballooned to over four times their width and maybe ten times their depth with water coursing so fast there are actually whitecaps! The usually delightful sound of these barely trickling streams, is now stirred to a cacophonous raucous, as this torrent of insistent rushing water surges on, propelled forward and down with incredible force. In my eighteen years here, I’ve not seen anything like this. It was hard to photograph the speed and sound, but these photos begin to hint what greeted me today. Enjoy…

IMG_9846 IMG_9870 IMG_9878 IMG_9886 IMG_9850 IMG_9931 IMG_9945 IMG_0134 IMG_9907 IMG_9995 IMG_0069 IMG_0139 IMG_9985 IMG_9969 IMG_0150 IMG_9942 IMG_0094

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