New Poem by me: Life Goes On

New Poem by me: Life Goes On


Life Goes On

Death means never more:
so definitive and final.

In argumentation
I’ve learned
to avoid saying
always and never
because it invites
finding a loophole.
Usually is more effective
in such a prevaricating world.

Can opposites mutually prevail?
Mohair and diamonds both occur
but not simultaneously in the same place.
We know that where there is light
there is proportionally no darkness.

It seems like
ceasing obliterates existence,
but I believe in life more than death
because decaying leaves
are a part of life sustaining the tree
whereas blooming and growing
are not constituents of death
but absolute anathemas.
Existing actually trumps ceasing.

When you are already going
does stopping have more power?

So instead, with no equivocation, accept
Life as meaning always more:
somehow good unfolds in perpetuity.

And who’s to say we will not meet again
as visible water is transformed to invisible vapor
both needed and nurturing,
while energy is conserved
in a multidimensional system
beyond our imagining, where
Life remains in constant contact
whatever state we’re in.

Death can never mean never
when always is always alive.

Polly Castor



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