Book Review: A Girl of the Limberlost

Book Review: A Girl of the Limberlost


My 12 year old daughter had read this book last spring and loved it so much that she bought the CD with her own money so she could hear it frequently. She and I listened to it while driving during our trip to Maine. Five stars seems like a paltry offering for this remarkably wonderful book! I loved it very much and didn’t want it to end. I would have been happy to listen to it all over again upon completion and am clamoring to read something else by this author.

The main character, Elnora, has laudable character, but is not without challenges in her life. She pays her way through school finding and selling moth specimens, and imparting her knowledge about the wilderness. Her depth of principle and wisdom beyond her years, as well as her frank, loving nature make her as endearing a character as I can remember. It is pure joy to companion with her on her adventures. Elnora’s mother and neighbors show real development in Elnora’s midst during the course of the story, and it is encouraging to see them overcome their personal tragedies to embrace life fully and with gratitude.

Elnora has a work ethic, a positive, unflagging outlook, and an unselfishness that is exemplary. The reader is stirred to want to be like her and follow her her example. She is honest and smart and organized; she is confident and interested and humble and industrious. She is happy, and we are happy with her. With her we learn never to give up, to stick to our principles, to be cheerful regardless of circumstances, to see good in everyone, and do what is required to bring it out. It is edifying just to breathe with her while the story is unfolding.

Treat yourself or a child to this delightful book! You’ll be so glad you did!

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