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  • Our Oldest Lands a Great Job

    By on April 9, 2014

    We are very proud of our older daughter who has just accepted a wonderful job offer as a Fiscal...

  • Pablo Neruda Quote

    You’re the Result of Yourself (by Pablo Neruda)

    By on April 5, 2014

    For you yourself are your destiny.

  • No Formulas for Homeschooling High School

    No Formulas for Homeschooling High School

    By on March 6, 2014

    High school is a time to tailor offerings even more diligently to the specific needs of our unique pupils...

  • YNAB and a Total Money Makeover

    By on February 27, 2014

    I couldn’t be more pleased that my husband and I read the above book together and have launched into...

  • Life with my Teen (& Book Review)

    By on February 10, 2014

    Our youngest daughter is deep in her 11th grade year, when a lot of kids feel an enormous amount...

  • Book Review: Hundertwasser for Kids

    By on January 25, 2014

    When I became interested in Hundertwasser, I interlibrary loaned the couple books available on him. One of them was...

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

    By on January 20, 2014

    Here are some great quotes by Martin Luther King Jr: “All men are caught in an inescapable network of...

  • New Poem: Back to the New Normal

    By on January 18, 2014

    Back to the New Normal   Open nesting is challenging. The revolving door brings in gusts of cold air...

  • This Year’s New Year’s Resolution

    By on January 9, 2014

    I had to laugh, looking back on last year’s resolution, which –quoting a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon– was to...

  • Quote from Janet Rebhan

    By on January 8, 2014

    “In this new year, may you have a deep understanding of your true value and worth, an absolute faith...

  • The Marvelous Mundane

    By on November 15, 2013

    “It has taken a while, but I certainly do know it now – the most wonderful gift I had,...

  • New Poem: Toward a “Both/And” World

    By on November 7, 2013

      Toward a “Both/And” World Sometimes we get so fused up over something being either/or when it can easily...